Introducing the BioButton® for health screening and remote patient monitoring

Medical grade Health and COVID-19 Screening at Scale

Introducing the BioButton® medical-grade wearable solution for up to 30 days of continuous vital sign monitoring

Medical Grade Remote Care Is Here.

The flagship FDA-cleared BioSticker™ single-use device for up to 30 days of continuous vital signs monitoring

A New Era of Continuous Health Monitoring and Clinical Intelligence

The BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform and FDA-cleared BioSticker™ on-body sensor are bringing medical grade monitoring and management to the home for scalable remote care.

  • An effortless user experience with a discreet and comfortable single-use design
  • Medical grade data capture and insights with clinical accuracy physicians can trust
  • Advanced analytics and data services for early detection
  • Cost-effective continuous monitoring for up to 30 days on a single-use medical device

BioButton® was named the Best New Monitoring Solution by the 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program

New! BioButton® Health and COVID-19 Screening Solution

The BioButton is a scalable and cost-effective solution for health screening, COVID-19 symptom monitoring and remote patient monitoring:

  • Medical-grade wearable device for continuous vital sign monitoring for up to 30-days (based on configuration)
  • Discreet, single-use disposable design for an effortless user experience
  • Continuous temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest patient trending
  • BioMobile™ conversational AI for chronic care management and virtual care
  • Health data protection through strict privacy and security safeguards

Scalable Remote Care Meets Medical Grade Intelligence

Medical grade continuous monitoring patients can stick with.

The FDA-cleared BioSticker medical device is designed to be discreetly worn on the upper left chest for effortless remote data capture and a simplistic “stick it on and forget it” patient experience. The BioSticker is the first single-use medical device for up to 30 days of continuous vital sign monitoring.

  • Respiratory rate, heart rate at rest and skin temperature
  • Body position, activity levels, sleep status
  • High-resolution gait analysis and steps
  • Symptomatic events

Patient-centered, data driven care built for scale

The BioSticker medical device and advanced data services provide vital sign trending and personalized clinical intelligence via the BioReport.

Learn how BioIntelliSense’s strategic collaboration with UCHealth and its CARE Innovation Center are bringing cost-effective patient monitoring and medical grade care to the home.

Unique Actionable Insights for Proactive Clinical Decisions

Introducing the BioIntelliSense Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform offerings:

Health Screening and Status Monitoring data service

A medical-grade data service leveraging the BioSticker and BioButton device's continuous patient vital sign data to provide a high-resolution view of patient trending and health condition.

  • Pre-surgical baseline
  • In-patient status monitoring
  • Wellness and chronic condition management

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) data service

A medical grade monitoring service enabling early detection and longitudinal management of a patient’s condition at home through actionable clinical insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional RPM.

  • Chronic and complex care management
  • Post-surgical recovery + rehabilitation
  • Post-hospital virtual care

A New Standard in Remote Patient Monitoring.

Medical-grade data services for continuous monitoring of vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptomatic events

Skin Temperature
Heart Rate at Rest
Respiratory Rate
at Rest
Gait Analysis
Steps & Activity Level
Body Position

We are honored that the BioIntelliSense BioButton has been named CES 2021 “Best of Innovation Awards” Honoree

Our Founders

James Mault, MD, FACS
Founder + CEO

Dr. Mault has more than 35 years of experience in senior executive positions in the health IT and medical device industry as well as clinical medicine. He has founded five health IT and medical device companies, leading these companies to develop novel devices and software technologies, gain FDA approvals and forge strategic partnerships with numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is the named inventor of over 80 issued and pending patents for a variety of health IT and medical device innovations. Dr. Mault received his B.S. in Biology and Medical Degree from the University of Michigan and conducted his General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery residency training at Duke University Medical Center. He has been board-certified in both General Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery, having specialized in heart and lung transplantation, thoracic oncology and critical care.

David Wang
Co-Founder + CTO

Dave brings 20 years of experience in product execution and innovation. As the founding CEO of Striiv Corp, he spearheaded all aspects of building and executing seven generations of biometric wearables, shipping millions of devices to customers including United Healthcare, Pfizer, Walgreens, Acer, Best Buy and Qualcomm Life. Dave’s expertise is in building teams while simultaneously building products that combine multiple technology disciplines. Dave graduated from Stanford University with a dual M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Management Science and Engineering, and he received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He also holds over 15 patents in the fields of sensors, algorithms, edge processing and validation.

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